Demilitarising the University
Campaign Against Arms Trade and ForcesWatch

What are the links between universities and the military and arms industry and why should these be challenged? We will hear from campaigners within universities in the UK who are working to demilitarise their institutions. Organised by Campaign Against Arms Trade and ForcesWatch. 

Bystander Intervention
Cradle Collective

Cradle is a collective committed to developing and practicing transformative justice approaches to harm and violence in our communities. In a practical session grounded in the principles of community accountability, Cradle will be facilitating a space to identify what street harassment is, discuss our responses to harassment and public intrusions, and explore how we as bystanders can intervene we witness violence. Then you’ll have a chance to practice using these skills! 

Cooperation Town: A new London food coop
Cooperation Town

Join us as Cooperation Town tell us about creating a network of self organised, community-led food co-ops and how to start your own.

Campaigning for the Community
Reclaim Holloway, Focus E15, No More Exclusions

Experienced organisers from a range of community-focused groups will talk about their experiences with campaigning, what they have found successful, and why a community-centred approach is important. There will be opportunities for participants to ask questions and be part of smaller group discussions building knowledge and capacity on this important issue. With Focus E15, Reclaim Holloway and No More Exclusions.

Listening  to our history and communities; the role and skills of Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline
Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

Join Switchboard to hear about what they do, who they are and how they do it. The first part of the session will delve into their history, showing the challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ communities as told through their log books dating back to 1974. The second part will look at Switchboard’s response to their callers and how you can use the same methods through active listening skills. Finishing with that it means to be part of the LGBTQ+ communities and how to be an ally today.

How to resist an immigration raid with Newham Anti-Raids
Newham Anti-Raids

Newham Anti-Raids have been building community resistance to immigration enforcement since 2018. This workshop will cover practical raid resistance tips and the law around immigration raids, so we feel confident to stand up to Home Office bullies when they come into our communities.

Defending Dissent: organising effectively under police scrutiny
Netpol and Undercover Research Group

Join Kevin Blowe (Netpol) and  Dónal O’Driscoll (Undercover Research Group) for a discussion on the implications of police intelligence-gathering that targets campaigners and how to protect and support each other against harassment and disruption from surveillance policing. 

Why We Need to Build an Abolitionist Movement in Education
No More Exclusions

The workshop will cover what is going on with school exclusions nationally; what NME is doing and our abolitionist position; how parents can challenge exclusions and support their child; No School Day and other upcoming actions to get involved in!

How We Win
Peace News

Are you angry about climate change, nuclear weapons or the arms trade? Are you concerned about the rights of refugees or the rise of the far right? Do you want to end zero hours contracts or protect your local library from closure? If so then Peace News’ ‘How We Win’ workshop might be for you. Run by long-time campaigners, and drawing on decades of activist experience, this is an opportunity to explore how we can take effective action to bring about the changes we want to see in the world.

Political Education Transformed
The World Transformed

A strong culture of political education in our movement is essential not only for sustaining a left-wing government, but for holding it to account and pushing it to go even further in the ‘long revolution’ for socialist transformation. The last few years have heard numerous calls for education initiatives that are ‘participatory’, ‘transformative’ and that go ‘beyond panels’. This workshop will think through what this might mean, consider the purpose of political education more generally and support participants to be more experimental in the events they organise.

University Border Controls Resistance
Unis Resist Borders

This workshop focuses helping those in higher education understand how the hostile environment policy is practiced inside the university so that we can create the tools to resist this deeply racist and xenophobic policy. We will discuss ways that you can get involved with our growing national movement against border surveillance, detention and deportation of migrant students, staff and their families.

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